Monthly Flame license purchase problem with GB VAT number

Hey guys. Please be gentle with me, it’s my first post here…

I’m trying to purchase a monthly license for Flame through the Autodesk website. Unfortunately I can’t complete the order as the site won’t recognise my GB VAT number. Has anyone else in the UK had this issue since 1st January 2021? All the help and links point to an EU database checker to validate the VAT number, but due to Brexit the UK is no longer part of that database. Unfortunately the Sales team say they can’t help with monthly licenses, and the Support team say they can’t help either. Is it just me missing something, or is there something that’s been missed by Autodesk in the fallout from Brexit on their website?

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@Wispy, great to see you here. Umm… @PeteRypstra, @Eldon, @richiewhitevfx, @Jonhollis, anybody have any insight?

And to our @FriendsFromAutodesk , any ideas for @wispy? This sounds like a classic case of 2021 and Brexit, right?


I’ve never successfully done this. It always says I have to go through a reseller. I would much rather do it myself.

Have you been able to buy a monthly license through a reseller? So far they’ve made it sound like the only way to buy monthly is via the eStore. Which won’t let me…

Hey. I used to buy subs online some months and was given a VAT receipt. Not sure why you would not be able to get one now. I go through a reseller now. XTFX. They stopped selling monthly subs, so I buy annual. So yeah if you need a 2021 monthly licence for a month the only option, as I understand it is through the store. May well be the VAT situation has changed. Not easy is it. I just loaded up on Boris FX and despite them being in Guildford UK I paid in dollars and had no VAT relief.

Hey Wispy
I just bought one yesterday and left if off… Hope that doesnt screw me.
I had the same issue but just went ahead anyway

Ive doen it before - but yes something has changed


Hi Wispy, that doesn’t sound good! I also buy the monthly licence through my Autodesk login but haven’t tried to renew yet this year. This could be painful… especially if the only quick option is a yearly subscription :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s good to know. I don’t see how it would matter if you’re still paying the VAT anyway.

Thanks guys. Pete it looks like I can put it through without my VAT number. Hopefully I can still claim it back later. My Bookkeeper is checking for me…

My current understanding of it is that Autodesk need my VAT number for claiming it back at their end as part of an EU scheme. As we’re not in the EU any more, it can’t find it on their system. Support don’t seem interested that it won’t work, and Sales can’t sell monthly licenses. So I’m just going to do it without my VAT details.