Truecut motion / motiongrading

just opening this up for discussion:

Is there a timewarp tool in flame that allows inserting motionblur? In nuke you can do this with kronos and AI deblur.

havent seen avatar… i find it difficult to say if its a good idea or not , definetely judder is a thing with hdr, it just gets amplified, and is rather distracting.

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There’s a motion blur option in timewarp that might do what trumotion is doing. I havent used it so not sure.

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Yes, there’s a way but it is not 100% error-free. In TW, in motion mode, and without a need to add a ramp or speed changes, you can activate motion blur, and sometimes it works like a charm. Remember you have two parameters (samples and shutter). For a shutter of 180º you can set the value to 0.5. 360º would be 1.

In reality, what it does is a motion analysis and applies the motion blur. I have used it a good number of times.

Other times you might get artifacts, depending on different factors like camera movement, the complexity of the scene, action speed…

When this happens I like trying something different: I send the shot to ml-timewrap, and once it’s done (if successful), apply the tw to the normal speed with motion blur applied. This way, tw takes into account the new frames and goes smoother, but I do insist, this method is not 100% error-free.

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the optical flow TW will add motion blur in flame also Twixtor plugin does this as well.

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