Motion Vectors from Redshift

Does anyone have some experience with motion passes from Redshift/C4D? Trying to figure out if there is some trick i’m missing or if these are just f’ed up somehow. I’m used to motion passes from Arnold/Maya and comparatively these seem very… subtle?

If I turn on icons in the Motion Blur node all I see is a grid of dots and if I crank up Amount I get a pretty uniform blur. Something I’m missing?

It is on my list of things to investigate. I haven’'t got there yet.

I think that there are a couple of different types of Motion Vectors and I have tried to convert them using the Flame tool but I got a much better result converting them via Nuke.

This isn’t my solve, just a bandage. I intend to figure out what type we need Redshift to give Flame in order for it to work properly.

So I brought this up in our team meeting and apparently everyone else is just tweaking the vector pass with a color correct until they get some motion blur they like. On the other hand everyone on this job but me is comping in AE which is part of why I didn’t try picking their brains in the first place.

One of them did find some other people complaining about it online, so I guess it’s not just our problem though.

I think the Redshift default vectors are normalized to a [0,1] range, and clamped.
Setting them to RAW and unclamped should give the result you’d expect from other renderers.


Well they’re definitely normalized. I’m honestly not sure what you mean about setting them to RAW and unclamped, set where?

Sorry, I meant in Redshift. Can you talk the 3D person into changing the render settings?

Ooooooh. To late for this job but that’s great to know for the future, I’ll pass that along to them.


In case anyone else hits this, this is the correct answer. 3d dudes are having a render fest over the weekend now.

Thanks Chris!

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That’s good to know @onlycarlyouknow
Thanks @chrislovesflame

I can pass this along to our 3D team :+1: