Move from central framestore back to local

ok so …

We have done the central flame project server thingy, and it was OK experience but then someone tried to use shared libraries with flame- generated media and that corrupted the workspace in that project somehow and flame wouldnt launch for anyone in the studio.

restored /opt/Autodesk/clip and the central framestore from snapshots and i was back running , ok cool.

A few days later someone removed the central framestore while 2 projects where open. which made everything go horribly wrong.

everything is out of whack now, and no flame in the studio would start - just hard crash during start.

So i went in, restored everything and it was working fine but then suddenly weird stuff is going on, so i feel like I dont have this central stone+wire thing fully figured out .,

so then to keep things running we decided to kick the central s+w/projectserver, ok so turning off all the adsk stuff on the projserver then i removed it from the framestore map file so the framestore id was gone, and my flames had no idea who that cebtral flame was - cool.

restored projects from archives, its really just timelines and openclips as we do it -

all good but now I still get a bunch of errors in the terminal about it trying to find frames? on franestore id 420, the one I removed.

So i tried the swdb -C thing to purge all references to other framestores - but no dice flame keeps halting/freeIbg trying to find the framestore id 420

even tho there is nothing on that framestore of value, i have no idea whats happening, but Even when I start a new project and browse a fokder full of openclips, flame just sits there forecer throwing errors around about gateway timeouts…

So here goes my question - how do I clean everything and start over or is there another way i can purge anything from franestore 420 and that centralized host somehow?

i need to go and revisit this in the next gap in productions and see what in the world is happening

I would suggest opening a support case so we can go over this together.

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very fair but lets just say I am running stuff extremely experimental , so i cant reasonably call support for this frankenstein of a setup i built.

Its really not that “crucial” and kinda self-inflicted (we dont have any important data in any flame project, its all openclips, external batches, blah blah) worst case id have to reconform a timeline pretty much, but then we do multiple archives daily (as they are kilobyte) so i can always keep stuff running

I am actually extremely happy to have done this as it tought me a lot of what to do better next time.

It also tought me a lot about all the cfg files and services and how they interact, so i feel like it gave me a lot of confidence that I can get stuff back up running fast no matter what and that all my snapshots, backups and such are actually working

So its all good, get the people back up running that have show-stopping issues and not some crazy person like me :joy:

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I expect that you’ve already done this but:
is not always a friendly flag when you’re not sharing a framestore.

yea , it was just a mac mini that I installed flame on, thunderbolt for networkig and then a thunderblade as a cebtral framestore.

well someone accidentally removed the thunderblade making everything explode :joy:

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