Multiple Blackmagic devices

Hi all,

I have 2 blackmagic devices on my network. Ultrastudio mini for my suite monitors and UltraStudio 3d. for the zoom sessions.

Every time I restart Flame it loses recognition of the Ultrastudio mini and I have to quit, disconnect the UltraStudio 3d, launch flame so that it only sees the one video device and then reconnect the Ultrastudio3d.

Is there anyway to force Flame to look at a specific video device and not just the first one that it detects.

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fo me, I have a Ultrastudio 4K mini and a Mini Recorder and flame just crashes on project start with both connected.

+1 would love to be able to select which BM device is used


Hello John & Finn!

We do not have a way to select a BMD device in case you have more than one. Please fill a General Improvement on Flame-Feedback for this.

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Almost all software cannot handle more than one BMD device per system. Easiest solution is to use AJA U-tap for Zoom. Works great, no conflict.

yea… i need one for nobe scopes and i allready have piles
of BM gear not really lookig forward to spending more on aja because of a simple software issue.

In my case its a card wirh just Ins (mini recorder) which makes flame crash on startup… ugh