Neat video mapping on Linux

Just curious if anyone else is on the latest version of Neat on Linux and after install my mapping seems to be off from the pointer, if I make Neat full screen it helps a bit but if its smaller what I click is actually more offset from the pointer? Nothing else has this issue, mocha, flame etc just Neat. Might try a new install but just curious if others have seen anything like this?

Hey there,

I’m running Neat 5 on Linux and all is good here.



Same, Neat 5 on Linux, no problems. Also fixed some v4 glitches.

super weird I just uninstalled and installed a new version and I don’t notice it on the UI but if I try and open the preferences under tool the mapping is off so I can’t let it run a new hardware configuration but I guess I will email them and see what becomes of it. I am linux 7.6 and current flame and current neat

just for the record it seems only prevalent in Neat 5.5.1 and primarily noticeable in tools/preferences I rolled it back to Neat 5.4.11 and the issue went away, I contacted them and awaiting a resolve.

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in case anyone else has this issue , though it only seems to be a problem in 5.5.1 neat here is a write up that helps , and neat is aware of the issue, Cursor click offset with Qt-based applications · Issue #93 · linuxwacom/xf86-input-wacom · GitHub

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