Macos monterey, 2022.2, pointer clicking in the wrong place

Hello. I just upgraded to macos monterey. I use the dual monitor UI setup. Where ever I click (mouse or wacom) it’s clicking the wrong place, actually in the wrong monitor and wrong place. If I unplug either monitor it works fine or click the single ui window in the setup it works fine. getting ready to down grade. Anyone else having these issues. Thanks -M


Working locally are ya? If so, have you setup your Wacom tablet prefs to map the tablet to both screens? And have you set the same behavior in Flame / Preferences / Input Devices? And you’ve set the displays to be in their actual real world configuration in System Prefs / Displays?

I did have tablet mapped to both screens. but I toggled it on and off, and that solved the problem. Strange. Thanks Randy !

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