Dual monitor Mac mapping

So I changed the Displays have separate spaces and rebooted but when I start up I get a mapping issue where the pointer could be upper left but clicks somewhere in the center of screen, this only happens on two monitor setup if I go back to single UI the mapping is totally fine , anyone have any ideas what’s causing this issue?

It’s not clear what the issue is. Are you saying the Wacom pen is mapped to only one screen?

no I am saying that when flame just launches the pointer can be upper left of the screen but the click is in the middle its really odd , the only way i can tell is that the buttons highlight while the pointer is not even close to them.

Wtf? Hmm. Haven’t seen nor heard of it. Lemme think about it.

yea its pretty weird all is mapped fine it only happens when I go to two monitor ui and only when flame starts , if i switch it back to single ui it totally works fine . Total head scratcher.

Try jiggling the cable on the Wacom mapping?

here is a photo with dual screens selected ,. keep in mind when its single screen mapping isn’t an issue at all even in flame its only an issue when dual screen is started up in flame and only happens in flame

here is a video , only in flame , only dual screen.

That definitely falls into the very strange category… Like the pointer and the app see different coordinate grids.

Do you have another pointing device (other mouse, tablet, etc.) you could try?

Since you said ‘separate spaces’, I assume this in MacOS?

And this is with a Wacom pen I assume? In the Wacom settings, where you can do the monitor mapping, is that by chance in a weird state?

I tried the mouse and the Wacom both are off so it’s an app specific issue since it’s fine in the OS which yes it’s Mac

Interesting. Usually pointer vs. UI interaction is covered by the UI layer, in this case presumably Qt.

Given that you isolated it to Flame specifically, might be worth a ticket with support.

I’ve seen this. It is as a while ago and I don’t remember the context or fix. I’ll keep thinking

This can happen when mix and maching a retina and standard displays. Try changing the « feels like » settings of both screens; you might find a combination that works.

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try turning on or off the OS settings in input flame prefs.

Also open flame setup utility and set the scale Automatic (200%)

do you have each screen set to a different workspace?
its possible that might something to do with it.

Oh yeah. I missed that. Multiple screen spaces should be off. Right?

The way I read it, was that it starts happening when he turns it off (which one should). But the hint from ADSK is most promising - once you have individual spaces turned off, but are mixing a retina display with a non-retina display things can get wonky, because to the physical/logical pixel scaling retina displays do. The OS may manage, but maybe Flame’s UI doesn’t handle a combo.

So it may be a physical monitor specific issue.

yes it does appear to be a retina issue the problem is that I can’t find any setting that actually make It work correctly.

Also make sure you are on the latest mac OS Ventura update.

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hey Jasmin, Latest MacOS and I can’t find a monitor flavor setting that corrects the issue between the studio display and the Eizo , I’ve tried a lot of the different presets and no dice on my end. I guess the frustrating thing is that Flame is the only app that seems to have an issue with it