Neat video not seeing GPU - anyone else?


Recently upgraded to Rocky, and new 4090. Runs great, Very fast. But… I noticed that neat video doesn’t see my GPU (still running pretty fast on CPU only though)

In neat: Tools>preferences>performance it says “no computation-capable GPU devices found.”

I’m running the standard flame install, with the AD dku.

I’ve also noticed that Blender doesn’t see the GPU, btw. I’m guessing that the AD version of the gpu driver isn’t compatible with these?

I know that a 4090 isn’t an “approved” card… but anyone with an approved card running neat experience the same?


What version of Neat Video v5 are you using? I think the 4090 is supported in the latest version 5.6.0.

Yeah, I’m using 5.6.0 on linux.

Seem you need to install newer NVIDIA drivers… not from DKU. A quick search in this forum will give you a more detail answer with the specific flags you need to pass to the installer.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go!

Well, well, well… I changed nothing, but now neat sees my gpu (and is very fast - hd is about half real-time). One of life’s little mysteries.

But anyway, thanks for the help folks!