New Arri


I’m sure my clients will be very understanding when I tell them “I’m sorry, your DP baked that in. We cant change it.”


It’ll be interesting to see this one in the wild.

Watch this space. We’ll see how long it is before we start getting this footage rolling through our machines.


If only we had tools to deal with images that are too sharp and too grainy.

*reaches for the blur node and neat video

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Wow this isnt going to cause any frictions at all. Nothing to see here

I heard RED has been working on a way to simulate hairs in the gate to give a more filmic quality…
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A new cold war begins…

In all seriousness, I suspect this is just marketing because, “this one has a slightly larger pixel count and slightly better dynamic range” isn’t easy for marketers to crow about.


Yup. And DPs will jump all over it because all the big player rental houses will get it, and it’s “the latest thing”. Re: textures and simulated film stock, I feel like that’s an idiosyncrasy of DPs and their craft / sensitivity to this lens’ characteristics vs. that lens and how things “feel” to them, film stock aesthetics, etc. The DIT will do “looks” w/ the DP on set, but it’ll all get re-done in grade anyway. But yeah, should be fine for us. I was reading somewhere that the new sensor/debayering algo will help detail in BS/GS situations & keying, which was the only thing that really piqued my interest.