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I’ve seen posts about chairs on the Facebook forum before but couldn’t find an obvious answer to this. I am looking to get a chair to use for home as I currently work a hybrid half home/half office system. I had a Herman Millar Aeron that I borrowed at my previous job (but had to return it when I moved). So I’m now looking to replace it, but ideally with something that doesn’t have quite as big a footprint on the room. I’m currently using the spare room as an office so whenever relatives or friends have to stay, I need to move the chair. And lugging the Aeron from room to room was proving a bit of a chore. Any ideas welcome. Thanks

I bought this on my first day at a new job in 2002. I brought it home a few years ago and use a similar one that can be used for a motorized desk (it adjusts to a much higher height and has a foot bar at the bottom). Both have rollerblade wheels for ease of motion.

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I highly recommend whatever Wirecutter suggests.


Direct link for those that don’t want to scroll 4 pages of crap.

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For those in LA that want an Aeron cheap. This dude has then refurbed for around $450. We have about 10 from him, no problems.

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That’s a great point. Facebook marketplace and Craigslist are great places to score cheap used chairs of high quality. Buying a popular name-brand chair means plenty of spare parts too when stuff inevitably breaks.

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You could just get a standing desk. No more chair and I’m sure your visitors will love sleeping in this hammock. Two birds, meet one stone.



I’ve always found the Herman Miller Mirra to be much more comfortable than the Aeron.

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Is the Mirra smaller than the Aeron? I was happy with the Aeron but it was the sheer bulk of it that was proving a bit of hassle when moving around the house. Especially on carpeted floors where the wheels were redundant.

A few people have mentioned a standing desk. Definitely feel like it’s something I want to try at some point. And the hammock is definitely something I’m up for. Just set off a few long renders and hide under the desk

George Costanza?

Not sure…haven’t seen them side by side. I doubt it though, as i am a big chap and prefer a larger seat!

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I bought a Nightingale chair in summer of '04 that’s still going strong.

It’s a bigger chair, so probably not what the OP is looking for…but after 17 years of daily use, the manufacturer just replaced both arms after one broke, no questions asked. Outstanding customer service.