Let's talk desks. What do you use?

I need a new desk desperately. The one I have is small and just isn’t cutting it any more.

What are you using and where did you get it?

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8 ft butcher maple butcher block from a local butcher plus Etsy steel legs.

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I got something similar to this and love it. Plenty of room for monitors, laptops, etc.

Couldn’t buy one off the shelf that was right and the only ones we did see were crazy money. So as a weekend project me and mrs bought some old scaffold boards, 5x 8ft. Sanded them down pinned and glued 4 together, the remaining board sits at the back as a monitor stand raise up as needed. Found some nice metal legs on marketplace for peanuts. Cost less than $100 all in. And we had no prior knowledge or experience. Granted it was a trial run as we did the same for the dinning room table. Looks great and very sturdy. I do need to revisit it and spend more time sanding in down and getting it polished.

I’ve got a 60"x30" Uplift standing desk and I love it. If it wasn’t so utterly covered with clutter I’d post a pic.


I’m lucky enough to have an eames desk. I love it so much as its just the perfect size for me and such a classic. However if i was buying a desk today i’d probably go for one of those industrial pedestal teacher desks.

At the beginning of the pandemic I looked through a bunch of desk options and none of them were big enough, so I bought a dining table from an outlet store. It looks great, but if I had to do it again, I’d go with Randy’s butcher block option. Home Depot will cut to whatever length you want, I’m told.

Mine is 8ft x 2ft. Wish it was 8ft x 36in.

About halfway through the pandemic I bought one of these from Article:

It’s not crazy expensive, is a good size, feels very solid and well made and has a very nice integrated cable trough with a nice hinged door cover in the back. Five out of five stars, would buy again.

8ft x 3ft hardwood (maybe cherry?) with iron frame and hydraulics inside the legs. Deeper is better than wider. I cant imagine working on less than 33" deep, but I also keep my keyboard center rather than to the side.

Which material did you pick for the top? Looking at the bamboo & rubber but reading they have splinter issues.

Also built my own using years ago and added an electric standing base from Jarvis (on amazon)…love it.

I also have all my monitors mounted on articulating arms; I have some neck issues after two car accidents and being able to change desk/monitor positions throughout the day really helps.

I’ve got a biomorph that I inherited when my old company shut down, it’s something I never would have bought myself but I love it.

Looking at their website. They got a sale going on this month. Might have to do it!

We had those in the office too, they were great!

My next desk.



Just waiting on a missing screw for this one.


I used to use an old architects drawing table but house moves meant it had to go! Pity as it was huge andgreat for holding multiple monitors, and all the other crap.

I got the bamboo and it’s held up nicely. No complaints.