NEW Flame 2023.1 Training - Animation, Python, Caching & Performance

Hi All,

I hope you’re all well!!

With the release of Flame 2023.1, there have been a range of improvements across the application. Four new videos have been posted to the Flame Learning Channel.

The first video covers my 7 top improvements to the animation editor. There are a few more which can be found in the Flame What’s New Documentation.

The second video features some really handy Python objects to improve usability when implementing Python scripts. There is a new python browser for selecting media for import which also allows you to specify the metadata. The second huge improvement is messaging. So now you can now inform a user when something is wrong or they have to make a choice triggered by the python script.

The third video explains the revamp of the cache, render and proxy media choices. When setting up a project, it should now be very clear as to what media will be used and I explain some of the finer details.

The final video is a great means of checking your drive performance when it comes to using Flame. You can test your media cache folder, test any media performance through the Flame pipeline and even test the average performance of a sequence. This is handy to check your hardware is coping with Flame.

There are other enhancements throughout the Flame products and everything is mentioned in the Flame What’s New Documentation.

I hope you have a great week!



Thank, Grant!