New resize mode please

I would love to see a resize mode update with a fit mode whereby one can select fit to width or height, an integer value for that dimension or a percentage of the existing dimension and a filtering mode. Then the image import or export is resized to that width or height while maintaining the original aspect ratio and one doesn’t need to calculate the dimension that was unspecified.

I would use this all the time. It would be invaluable.

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This is a gentle reminder that this is not an official channel for feature requests. Please visit Flame Feedback to search for or submit this. If you do, and post a link here, I’ll upvote that for sure.

I’m sure you are aware of the procedure, but here it is.

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that is already a feature request I added 5 years ago, FI-00192

I think taking the general temperature of the community before filing is a worthwhile pursuit. Forming a consensus or a lack thereof, openly discussing process and whatnot before creating such a request makes a lot of sense to me.

Just a gentle retort :slightly_smiling_face:


please go and vote for it , that is the best place to show support

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Your gentle retort is welcomed, encouraged, and absolutely appreciated.

Upvoted. :slight_smile:

My regrets as well for the constant reminders of the relationship of our Autodesk friends joining us. We have lots of new users to the community and I want to make sure people get what they need and know where to get it.

Thanks @cnoellert.

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FI-00192 Doesn’t fully cover it. That request is solely percentage based and is for the resize node in batch. That’s really only half of what I’m suggesting… great start though :+1:t2:

50% more than 0.


And less than 100. Seems we can both count.

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I can only go to 50

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I totally agree with you @cnoellert about talking about a request here on these forums before going all-in with a formal feedback request. Love that idea of seeing how the community feels and I’m sure with this in mind some people would find that what they’re looking for is already out there, just hidden away.

In this case it does seem like a cool request though. I’ve come to get used to just using resize and action that it’s hard for me to imagine another one but maybe one day!


Discourse is key, no pun intended. The usage case I’m looking for is having large amounts of material that I want to resize at import or export and resize without needing to know the source dimensions and aspects… something that happens all the time.

Batch usage-case is already solved for me as well. If I need to do percent-based resizes in batch, 2d transform does it easily with auto-resize on the output but to @space_monkey‘s point, that functionality should also be part of resize.

Usually I need the integer-based width resize for import and percentage based for out, but everyone has their own special sauce I’m sure.

to add something that I have discussed in the past not even sure why aspect ratio is baked into the clip either this should just be metadata on how the file is displayed and shouldn’t need to be re rendered

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Agreed… it should just be PAR defining display not the other way around. The pixels we have in a image define the aspect of the file.

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honestly percentage based resizes should just be everywhere their is a resize, import, export, etc. This idea of having an insane list of resolutions is getting out of hand , I would joke with @andy_dill that in a few years we are going to need two monitors to display all the resolutions, and those should be editable because on any given project I might only use about 3 of the 150 that are displayed.

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IIRC they are editable now.

I can’t find it at the moment, but I feel like along with getting many more modern resolutions, we also got the ability to edit the table of them… somewhere. I’ll report back if I find it.



Yea I always envisioned it as a preference not a cfg file that you could turn all on or off with check marks while working in a project not have to exit in and out of the software and edit a cfg the start back up, but hey maybe that’s just me.

No. It’s not just you. I was gonna just edit the table and then give you a shout out on stream Sunday, but editing a text file scares the shit out of me, so I’m not gonna bother. Some kind of resolution-config front end (like the lovely color policy prefs) would be great.

While not mentioning percentages, I made a similar request 9 months ago for dynamic resizing on import: FI-02181

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