Non-Colormanaged Browser on macOS

Looking for a non colormanaged web-browser , firefox was updated june 1st to be the same managed mess as chrome and safari…

All web content is loaded in as gamma 1.96 on macOS as we know with no way around that. using firefox was a stupid workaround that kinda worked unless someone had a wide gamut monitor.

Now thats gone… anyone knows ways to bypass OSX colormanagement for a app totally? something easy I can tell my clients to do? I guess I am just out of luck, might as well just grade my films on apples XDR display using FCPX I am honestly ready to just give up.

You can turn off Firefox color management (in fact it’s had it for years and years, but was always off by default.) Go to about:config and search for gfx.color_management.mode set to 0 if you want to turn it off completely. There were (are?) extensions you can download that add a little UI for you to switch it as well.

Although I’m not sure it’s ever affected video playback in-browser, only images and colors, so this might not actually change what you want…

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i will try that