It’s for changing the primaries, transfer function and matrix to whatever you want. I’d like to be able to use 1-2-1 to accurately reflect REC709 gamma 2.4. Anyone had a chance to try this out. It was adjusted by Lewis Sanders to work on .mp4 files. I’ve run it but don’t see any change when using MediaInfo.

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Have not tried it but this is a recurring issue. This could be really handy

I’ve done some shell scripting on macOS using FFMpeg and am able to adjust primaries, transfer function and matrix on a generated mp4 file. Unfortunately it makes no difference.
It seems the only current answers are;
Use the LUT provided by Adobe which corrects gamma for viewing on macOS. Not an option for me. I don’t want anyone messing with the color of my grade.
Use Firefox when presenting postings for review on the web. My understanding is that Firefox is not color managed by macOS as Chrome and Safari are.
Use VLC when files are downloaded instead of QuickTime. VLC is not color managed by macOS.