O/t - Mac os fails to update window contents?

been having a weird problem ever since getting the new mac pro over a year ago, and not sure what is going on…can anyone offer a suggestion?

My Finder windows often fail to update when new files are added. Often resulting in several minutes of opening and shutting windows, navigating to unrelated folders just to try force a refresh.

When i convert video files using Compressor - the resulting files won’t show up until i hit the little reveal magnifying glass next to the processed file name in Compressor.

I’m running os 10.15.7, and the files are being saved onto a Promise Pegasus2 R8.

I’ve seen this for years happening on network volumes. Only workaround I know: Creating a new folder (cmd-shit-n) forces a refresh of the current directory. A bit annoying but a least very quick to do …


thanks Claus - i’ll try that.

incidentally - thats best typo i have seen in years…(cmd-shit-n) !!



Hahaha, damn … :smiley:

Is this only happening on the promise drive. If so then it might have something to do with the way the promise is setup. I had this issue a few years ago with a promise nas and it was due to the cache settings. I also have a promise r8 so we can compare settings if you like.

Hi John, I’ve only really noticed it on the Pegasus…but thats because its my main drive. However, my colleague sees the same thing and his Mac is connected to Lacie raids and not Promise.

No idea where cache settings get set…i cannot see anywhere in the Promise Utility that would help.

I get this on an iMac Pro looking at a G-Drive also.

i have a feeling its something Apple have broken and not bothered to fix.

Have you considered updating your system to big sur. I’m not seeing this problem with the latest os on an iMac pro

i have avoided moving to Big Sur mainly because i have yet to see a good reason to do so. Maybe this is that reason.

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