Unable to open external drives

Hi, All of a sudden I cannot access my external storage through Flame. I have 2 promise drives attached and when I try and access Flame reports “directory does not exist”. Not true as I can see them on my desktop and I can read and write to them.

I uninstalled / reinstalled Flame
Checked the full disk access in security prefs
plugged in another external TB drive.
created a new project
created a new user

None of the above has fixed the issue. I can’t start a job. ARRRR

Anymore ideas before I open a ticket?

Hi John. Spontaneously I would take a look at the external’s file system:

Thanks for the info. I’ve been using Promise R8 RAID’s for the past 6 years without any problems.

Support logged in and couldn’t find nor fix the issue so we blew away the /opt folder and started again. All working well again and it even feels snappier.

I suspect it might have something to do with a clone of the system drive the day before. I restored the clone to my backup imac to make sure it worked. It did but something weird must have happened to my main system. Maybe the short time name clash when I checked the backup machine screwed it up.

Anyway I’m back in action (batch actually lol) and ready to kill that 60min chromakey job.

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Oh snap you better keep us updated with those keys! We’re all pulling for ya! I mean, we’re all pulling keys for ya!

Just came back from the shoot. I’ll post in the other forum