Mocha Pro 2022 OFX Issues in Flame 2022.2

Hi guys,
I just completely cleared my Flame system and installed Flame 2022.2. After a fresh breeze during the fast start from the flame software, I wanted to reopen my Mocha Pro OFX in Batch.
Mocha seems to be having trouble loading the Luts. He cannot load the srgb.spil1d.

“All formats have been tried. ( Enable debug log for errors from all formats.) The format for the files extension gave the error:
spi1d´failed with: at line 2_ Invalid ´FromTag ( From -0.125 1.125)”

Do you have any ideas? Thank you in advance

All Best,

Sorry to hear this! I’m upgrading to 2022.2 tomorrow and can tell you how it goes.

It‘s now on Flame 2022.1 Update to…. Crap