Old version of Flame tutorials 2018

Hello, I am learning Flame and have a question. Is it a good idea to learn from the 2018 tutorial? I am a Nuke artist, and in Nuke, there isn’t much of a difference when learning from older versions. It’s a paid course on FXPHD - Flame for Nuke artists. I’m aware that there will be a new version of this course. Just curious. Thank you.

The nuts-and-bolts basics are pretty much the same, but there have been many advancements in the details since 2018. Some are significant. If you are using a v.2024 version of flame, but a v.2018 tutorial, I would suggest having the manual handy and cross-referencing frequently. If you are learning on v.2018 software, you may find yourself a bit lost when you sit down to v.2024.

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I agree. I think you will be fine.

Hell, I can watch tutorials from 2008 and 90% of it is still completely valid. There is GOLD in some of these old tutorials.


YO! Welcome! Great to see you stopping by!

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