openClip formating for cryptomattes

It’s quite a technical question, but I’m hoping someone might have the answer. We have a script that automatically creates a .clip for 3D renders. It’s pretty basic but does the trick. The one thing it can’t handle are Cryptomattes as they’re multi-channel.

Our engineer has played around with it to get the number of channels in there, etc but to no avail. Does anyone know the format Flame wants for Cryptos (i.e. how to form the XML so it sees everything)?


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Any reason that Pattern Matching doesn’t work?

Pattern matching does, for sure. It’s just something I’ve wanted to solve so it’s wrapped into our workflow without any workarounds.

I’ve managed to create one within batch and then steal the .mio file as a reference. I’ll come back with the answer once our engineer does what he does.

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