Python Hook: Connect Cryptomatte

Connecting cryptomattes is up there along with setting legals as one of my least favorite things we do. I ain’t got no time for that.

Here’s a hook that will do it for you, the cryptomatte that is, not the legals. You’re still stuck with that. Right click any clip/read file that has “cryptomatte” in the name Cryptomatte > Connect Cryptomatte.

I’ve only tested this with our setup where the channel names are filename__CryptoMaterial## which is how RedShift names the channels so it might not work for everyone. Let me know if it doesn’t and I can try to make it as versatile as possible.

@MikeV Please feel free to add to the portal.

EDIT: This will only work if you have the clip options set to Filename_Channel as it looks for the channels specifically. (2.1 KB)


duuuuude!! excellent!

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So I had no idea about output_sockets until I saw @knhn’s post for his Mux-Shit-Up hook. Previously I had been using a list of known channels that I’ve come across to link things, etc. Super unclean and would lead to the script failing if the right combinations weren’t found.

No more (at least I hope so). Attached is v0.5. Should work no matter what as it’s grabbing the channel names from the clip itself.

Thanks to @knhn for posting the MUX hook which lead to this improvement. (2.5 KB)


I couldn’t be happier

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Just updated this on the Logik Portal.


Great, thanks Mike. I know, I should install the portal on one of our machines to do it myself. Might get around to that in the coming weeks.

This is very useful, but I would add something… if the mux name could match the channel’s name, that would be awesome…but the cryptos.