OSX Wacom OCD question for y'all

Ever notice on OSX that gestural menu swiping is “sticky/laggy/inconsistent” and not as snappy as Linux?

Wondering if there’s an optimal setting to get the gesture sensitive areas to “detect” like Linux does…

Not the end of the world, but it’s all about the little things, isn’t it?

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I regrettably dont know the answer, but, I do feel like since the beginning of time on the Mac platform that I’ve adjusted the edges in a smidge on the active area of the tablet. Not sure if thats helpful or just habit. Thoughts?

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Yeah, I certainly used to do the same also! After your suggestion I went into my System Preferences > Wacom tablet and double-checked to see if I ever did it on this newer iMac Pro… Eureka! I hadn’t scaled from “Full Tablet” to “Portion” and scaled the box down a tiny bit. Once doing that, I’m gesture swiping like a BOSS again. One of those “did you check to see if the device is plugged in” moments. :roll_eyes:

All about the little things… Thanks Randy :slight_smile:


BOSS!!! Nice.

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