OT: Adobe sued for subscription issues


That’s a broader issue across the industry.

You’ll need a good life insurance policy for the case that you fail the bus test and your family has to keep covering ~6 months of subscription payments on average of everything you signed up for, like Adobe’s cancellation fee.

Pre-subscription economy, if you needed to stop using something you just did that - stop using it. Now things will just keep running, and it’s very hard to get off the train.

There is a whole deep area of untangling from the unwanted or no longer needed digital world. It’s fascinating to watch the growing number of people who have passed away in my professional circles and what has happened to their digital presences. Eventually some parts that are subscription based join the ‘expired state’ within 12 months, other things stay on.

To be less dark, you may just have to cancel because the industry is in a down turn…

Tell me about it. I’m getting charged 10 bucks a month for Hulu, no one uses it and no one knows the account name or password. Added to the misery is that it is being charged to a credit card that no longer exists, and the credit company keeps putting a hold on the existing account when Hulu tries to make a charge on the old card. You would think they would stop since they are not actually getting paid any more.

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