Layer color tagging in action

Thought I remember seeing this but can’t find the matchbox, I have a psd and curious in action can I tag those specific layers to switch them over to the correct color space without having to break them all out?

Ahh I found it sorry I should of looked more, colourmanagement node in matchbox

revision, revision, maybe someone can explain to me why if I add a colourmanagement inside of action it doesn’t actually change anything, moreover if I do the same operation outside of action it converts the image to the corresponding space which is really interesting that C Management behaves different inside of action versus outside of action?

Are you importing the PSD into batch as a multi-channel clip and piping the layers into an action or importing directly into action?

importing it directly into action so it retains all the offsets and when I apply a color management to any of those layers it doesn’t transform them , if I was a betting person I would say that it just doesn’t carry the fact that the layer is unknown and convert it to redrgb

I would guess that if it is unknown, it is displaying it as if it were your project colour space, so if you are working in rec709, and you tag it as rec709, there’s probably no change. But I’m just guessing . . .

well if I do outside of action it sees the layers as unknown and when I run it through a color management node and say tag it REDwgamutRGB it converts the image correctly, when done inside of action say importing the psd and applying them to the layers it doesn’t convert anything which is different behavior

This may be be supremely unhelpful because I’ve never done this and might be just not understanding how this functionality works, but could this solve it on import into action? Or whatever color space change you need to make (I just did the red log to red linear here)