Particle Bouncer - is it broken?

I’m trying to add a Particle Bouncer to my shot but what i’m seeing in Batch does not look like the Bouncer in Grants videos (a balloon whisk). Instead all i am seeing is a large cirlce of circles, with each one slightly twisted off axis from the others. I cannot figure out how to position this to get a particle bounce.

any ideas ?

I’m on Mac OS 13.6.3, Flame 2024.2

Yes, this gui glitch was reported by another artist couple of months back. I meant to create a video and make a bug report, but then forgot. It is a nuisance but the functionality still works.
It would be great if you take the time to report this @Lightningad

i’ll do that Sinan.

Found that by making the bouncers axis a free one, i can move the axis itself and use that as a point deflector but with virtually no visual clues as to whats happening.

And as for making an image into a deflector - cannot get that to work at all.