Particle Bouncer - odd GUI behavior

so i don’t even do particles often enough to have a loud voice, but I was creating a simple bouncer to test a thought i was having and noticed that the particle bouncer gui was acting erratic and looks more like sonic the hedgehog rings than a useful representation of an area that will be bouncing particles.
I tested on two machines both running flame 2024.1.1 and saw the same results. Meanwhile i dug up an old fxphd screenshot from 2008 or so that had the gui as i remembered it. Am i missing something? is it gone or am i doing something wrong in the modern workflow?
and no matter what i did i couldn’t navigate the rings into an orientation that made sense. I got the effect i needed to work, but really just wanted to know if this behavior is as expected. I also saw the same result in 3d view vs live preview.

Are you using Flame on a Mac? Particles behave strangely sometimes under MacOS

both tests done on linux
and with two different video cards.

Oh, this must be a GUI bug. Normally the circles representing the bouncer should be like the meridians. It probably got broken on some update. 2023 or 2024.0.1 doesn’t have this issue, but 2024.1 starts to have this GUI bug.

I’ll report it when I have the time…

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