Particle help

I have a particle setup that is emulating a pillow fight, ie, feathers flying everywhere. All working ok except for one thing, I cannot work out how to get random rotation on each feather.
Any ideas?

the second parameter tab of the emitter has options. The one on the left Rotation will set the particles initial rotation, so winding up the variance on those will alter their individual birth positions. The Spin parameter to the right will adjust how fast each one is rotating.

after you do a variable of spin…
use this to control speed in integers…
and make sure magnitude is below 1
it will also improve density.


Got it.
Thanks guys.
Wasn’t working initially as particles were set to spheres.
I have one other question.
This setup is taking 2 hours to render on my linux box, with m blur and DOF on, but the same setup and parameters is taking 8 minutes on my macbook??

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