Particles Help please

I need to create a text reveal for a product name, and want to do this with a shower of fairy dust! I have managed to avoid these for the last decade but now its necessary.

I’m trying to figure out two things:- how to create a convincing fairy dust effect, and how to use a Gmask moving across a matte channel to create the emitter.

I’m finding that as the gmask moves, particles are created but then get hidden as the gmask continues its move. Can the particles be unaffected by the mask once they have been generated?

seems all the tutorials i can find relate to single point light source emitters, or creating breath fx…neither of which are what i want.

any suggestions?

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Don’t emit with a gmask, emit with either a light or swap the light for a frame of white, make it transparent, and you can animate bicubics to give the emitter more life.

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One suggestion might be to make the text itself the emitter. Explode it with particles and then run the sequence back in reverse to have it appear to materialize from the particles. You could enhance the fairy dust effect by adding a secondary generator as well for a ‘sprinkling’ kind of vibe.

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Its a logo i have been sent - was hoping to use the gmask shape to pass over creating a moving sliver of the logo to act as the emitter. problem with that is the particles are only visible when the gmask is revealing them. Then the next problem is they only emit along the normals rather than a burst.

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Could you use a light animated via Draw Motion?

Your logo as an emitter is geometry which isn’t moving, and is flat, so its behaving as expected. The particles are emitted from the vertices of the geometry. So, use noise as an emitter on a displaced object perhaps, but, you may want to move a light across them to and cheat it via transparency.

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@Sinan , any advice?

ooh - thats given me an idea!

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I would definitely use a moving emitter. It could be a light or a surface.
For fairy dust effect I would have two emitters: one with low numbers (50-100) square particles mapped with a glint texture and another one with point type particles 5000-10000 in number.

Gravity to pull them down and a turbulence function. Can send one over if you need. Ping me for a sample setup…


you can also make your text in Action a particle emitter and run a big and small turbulence through them so they drift away like sand in the wind. maybe not quite a pixie dust effect but still cool. @randy where does one upload particle setups here?


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By the way, here is a sample setup I created for @Lightningad. (43.5 KB)


Thanks Sinan
Not sure if it’s just me but I went to check out that setup and get Bad File error message?

Same for me. I looked at the batch and it was done in Flame Version 2021.2

It worked perfectly for me…and Sinan’s description of the various settings and how they affect the look was invaluable. Hope you get it working!

yeah Sinan’s a legend. Are you running 2021.2?

Yes i have 2021.2…are you using it?

Nah - good reason to install upgrade I guess

I have 2020 somewhere lying around on my laptop. I’ll try to create it in a previous version and share it when I have the time…

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Hey no worries Sinan
I installed 2021.2 and had a play.
It’s really helpful setup

Thanks heaps