People with M1 macs - do you need to login to autodesk account after every hardware restart?

On my new Mac Studio I’m finding that I need to login to my Autodesk account to start Flame after every hardware restart. Flame 2023. After logging credentials once it doesn’t ask again until next hardware restart.
Anyone else have this? Have you found a way around this minor annoyance?


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Yes, on my new macbook pro. Never have to do it on the 2019 mac pro (running on big sur)…and its really bloody annoying!

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YES. Very annoying!

Assuming this is a 2023 thing? Don’t have it on 2022.3.

I’m reviving this question as I’ve run in to the same issue now that we have a couple Mac Studios. Has anyone figured this out?

You can try running the licensing hotfix that is available in the Autodesk Autodesk portal.

I would advise logging out and resetting the licensing through the Flkame setup app and then trying one of the below options:



If you connect via SSO / federation, you make need to run the following command:
mkdir ~/.local/share/Autodesk/Web Services/

If these do options not work for you, I would suggest you open a case with the licensing team.