New install - Autodesk sign in page is white/bank?

anybody have any ideas why my Autodesk sign in page is blank/white on a brand new Mac Pro install?

Is this cuz I have 2 GPUs in a Mac? I’ve also turned off everything on my router that may cause complications.

I have a support call tomorrow, but anything else I should try in the meantime? FYI restoring a bootable backup from another almost identical machine works, so, its not a hardware/networking thing, I think.

I had this. Not fun. If you ctrl A in the box you can copy and paste into a note pad and see what screen you are on. If you click around you can click into the email address and then the next screen is password. Takes a few dozen clicks but it will eventually work.

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holy shit! Genius @dlevine! Copy and paste into a notepad? I would never have thought of that.

What was your hardware situation? Dual GPU on a Mac?

I was googling trying to figure it out and someone else mentioned it was a dual GFX issue. I can’t remember if it was the facebook group or the official forum.

I’m on the Mac Pro Pro with a Pro Vega II Duo.

If anybody does a fresh install of Flame with a Mac Pro and dual cards, here is the procedure.

As soon as the white sign in to Autodesk screen pops up, it will be blank. It’s actually there, just not displaying correctly.

  1. Type in your email address to sign in
  2. Tab
  3. Enter
  4. Password
  5. Tab
  6. Enter

Thank you to Marta @FriendsFromAutodesk support for helping so quickly!