PFTrack and Rocky Linux

Curious if anyone else have any issues with Rocky, thinking about upgrading but not sure pftrack will work on it , anyone else have any other plugins that might have issues with Rocky to look out for?

What version of PF? The latest?

yea its the latest, on their website it says supports CentOS 7.6 or newer so not sure that encompasses rocky as well, I reached out to their support but curious if anyone has experience with it on here.

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I just tried the latest PFTrack, PFTrack 22.05.19 and can confirm that it installs and launches on Rocky Linux.

And for posterity sake, for Centos 8…in order to run PFTrack I had to do the following…(thanks to THE @panisset for this one!)

cd /usr/lib64
In -s

Just got official word from the pftrack folks “Thanks for getting in touch with us, Rocky Linux is not supported.”

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Yeah The Pixel Farm drives me insane. I love their product but they are ridiculous. I used PFTrack under Centos 8 with the mods above for a year and it worked fine. I couldn’t get any type of helpful answer from them about the future. It feels like their days are numbered.

yea they suck, to bad I really like the interface better than syntheyes , don’t even get me started about their dumb licensing scheme.

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Hey Guys,

We’ve had issues with PFtrack.
After the new round of installs (new hardware and upgrade to 2023.1), with Rocky 8.5 rev2 iso, and pftrack-22.05.19-1.rpm from the site we have operational.

just download the CentOS 7 files. PFBucket server is still on CentOS 7 though…