Photoshop import issues

Hello all, I’ve encountered an issue importing a specific PSD into flame (tried both 2022 and 2023), which opens in Photoshop and we’ve opened on another flame system.

I’ve not had any issues with any other PSDs on the same flame (mac), so it seems to be a bit of an anomaly.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and found a workaround?

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Are you importing in batch or in action?

Do both fail?

Is the PSD in RGB or CMYK? That’s what throws my system more than anything else.

Indeed - first thing I checked. Opened it up in photoshop as a first port of call

What does the terminal say?

What’s even weirder is the same psd worked for me in 2022.3.1. In fact I gave Jimmy the setup to finish off. It’s an odd one.


That’s a good call but it’s strange that it opens in photoshop.

Just had a thought @James : what if you clear the path translation fields is settings?

@randy I’m not particularly shell savvy unfortunately, but @johnt has stumbled on something. I’ve removed the path convert rule and can now pull the psd via media hub into the library but not via import node in batch

@cnoellert have you e er experienced this problem when using path translate?

No I haven’t.

Does the psd has smart objects in it? They slow down flame extremly sometimes, maybe to a point of being unreadable on some machines.


And the prize goes to Bernd Hildebrand! I just had a play around with converting all the smart objects to layers and sure enough the PSD can now be opened. Seems strange as I’m on a decent spec MacPro, but good to know what the communication breakdown was here. Thanks so much @hildebrandtbernd

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Perhaps path translation isn’t obeyed converting smart objects? Shouldn’t be hard to prove I guess.

@cnoellert it looks like you’re right - I’ve turned off the path convert and the PSD (original) becomes visible, however NOT through Media Hub, only ⌘+I (Mac) to a reel or library. Media Hub it’s still not possible to import correctly. Batch Import can drag in an empty clip with front and matte outputs so no use there. This is 2022.3 and 2023.0.1

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