Wiring PSD files

Wiring can be a bit of a pain in the arse. I’ve wired over a batch that has about 30 layers in an action node imported from photoshop. When I’m in the original project I can see the layers. In the new project the are all black. Is there a way to re read the file? Amd i can’t just re import, I’ve made changes to the action layers

If you imported the psd directly into action, I would try loading the original psd into a reel in your batch group, then open the batch again.

No love. Tried importing directly. Unfortunately this is a new partition. Not sure if that matters. 43 layers. Really dont want to re adjust.

Another thought, If you still have access to the original machine and batch, is to extract all the action layers to the batch schematic, then re-wire. Or archive it and unarchve on the second machine

another good answer. archiving didnt work but extracting layers just might.

I’m very surprised archiving didn’t work. I’ve never had that fail unless the work stations ran different versions.

“Winner winner chicken dinner” Extracted layers worked. thanks @ytf

same workstation same version on flame. different partition.

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