Photoshop in Action!

Lets say you work some motion graphics using a multilayer PS file. All done, client happy. Now its time to archive…

What are my options?

Archive does not seem to support my multilayered PS file…

Do I just save it separately?

Thanks colmena

It’s strange. I’ve never had a problem before. Unless…

What are the layer sizes? Do they exceed 8k? If so there might be issues…

Nope, everything is HD

When trying to archive I get an error. The same setup has an FBX file and it makes no issues.

I never have an issue either. I do it frequently and have for many versions (I’m on 2020.3) I bring them back from archive without issue also. I load them in the batch schematic, however. I haven’t used them in action directly for a long time.

Edit: since I am sitting here doing archiving, I did a quick test with a psd loaded into action. I archived the batch and unarchived as well without incident.

You have to extract each layer from action and open as sequence then cache each one

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