Post Asset Export hook failing for backburner jobs

Hey gang,
I am trying to set up a post-export hook to automagically transcode prores-exports to mp4 via ffmpeg.

After a bit of tinkering that works fine for foreground exports. But when submitting exports to the backburner (which is our default way of working) no matter what, the Post-Export Job will fail. I literally used test = "test" as the only statement in the post_export_asset hook and it still fails.

Is there any other source of information for debugging than /opt/Autodesk/backburner/Network/backburner.log ? Running 2021.1 on CentOS 7.4.

The logs do not reveal much.

2020/10/22 19:23:50 INF Sending instructions for job 'Post Export - WHITE [movie] (19.22.12)' to flame4
2020/10/22 19:23:51 WRN Task error from flame4
2020/10/22 19:23:51 ERR Job 'Post Export - WHITE [movie] (19.22.12)' (#$$??$$##) failed for flame4
2020/10/22 19:23:51 ERR Error message: Cmdjob adapter: Process exit abnormally,Exit code is 1

and mutliple
WRN Could not connect to ::ffff:xx.xx.xx.xx:56449: Connection refused
where xx.xx.xx.xx is the ip of the machine. These errors are not directly related to the post-export but occur on various actions.


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Hmm… @fredwarren? @MikeV?

Just in case someone has a similar problem: Contacted support and it’s a known issue: FLME-53309

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Is there an existing solution or is it simply a known bug?

When I had the problem there was no solution. So I don’t think that changed in the meantime. We changed our workflows and export in foreground now which is much less annoying I originally thought.

Well you’ve just saved me a massive headache. I was going to write a post hook to change NCLC tags automatically. Glad I hadn’t started…it would have been for naught.