"Preview Unavailable" after adding Matchbox Blur Transition on Timeline


I added a Matchbox Blur Transistion between two segement because the cut was too hard.

Unfortunately during the segement before the Matchbox Blur Transistion and during the Matchbox Blur Transistion, “Preview Unavailable” is shown during reply, whatever Track is selected (P).
And sometimes* in the “Editor” too (but had not the time to test it extensively). Redering the segemts does not help.

What I am doing wrong?

Thank’s a lot!

PS 1:
My Framestore is on an SSD-drive

PS 2:
I am using Flame2021-02

Hi @joe99,

Out of curiosity, did you try to render the transition?


Thank’s for the reply Yann. My idea is that I did render it… but I am not totally sure. Will try it asap I have access to Flame and inform you about what happend :slight_smile:


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Sorry for the delay in replying. I rendered it… But after pressing the Render button, the usual render-progress bar is not even shown. Probably because it’s already rendered… or is it possble that something does not work properly?

I added a track, then a ColorCorrection as Gap FX and rendered it. Voila it works :slight_smile:


When the track is removed, the same problem as before…