Python scripts for 2021.2.2

hi all,

i’m looking for older python scripts that will work with flame version 2021.2.2

→ paint-node-edit
→ multi-batch-render

on logik-portal · GitHub i can c only the up to date version… or am i missing something?

1k thx in advance!

Hey Andi,

you’re missing the commit history:


The initial commit for paint-node-edit was for 2021.2
The next commit did a lot more changes than just updating for a newer Flame version. Looks like all Qt Widget werde moved to a separate modul. Don’t know what else happened on first sight.

Not sure if it makes more sense to just use the old version or to grab the latest version and make it compatible with 2021.2.2.


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Paging @MikeV

Hey Andi

I’ve added download links on the pages for the older versions of those scripts:

I’ll be adding links to older versions of other scripts today that are 2022 or newer only on the Portal. Going forward from Flame 2022 I’m going to see if there’s a way to have older versions of scripts accessible within the Portal.



sry for my late responds!
that’s really great!
1k thx, Mike!

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