Paint Node Edit

A new version of the Paint Node Edit script is up on the Logik Portal and also here: Paint Node Edit — Flame Python Scripts

I made some speed improvements and a couple small bug fixes.



Thanks man!!

This script came up during last week’s Logik Live during a portion of the webinar where we were discussing paint node improvements that would be nice. I’m not sure that everybody knows that you can, after the fact, use this Python script to adjust the duration of paint strokes when you erroneously forget to change the duration of the paint strokes and spend an hour painting on something and then hit play and your hard work is only on frame 1 of 187 frames and you can’t decide what’s worse manually changing 300 paint strokes from 1 frame to All or redoing the whole darn thing.


Wow, that’s incredible!! Thanks a lot @MikeV!!

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@ytf I wasn’t sure if this was clear during the Logik Live that this was an option…

I’ve always been aware of this. I can change over 50 strokes per minute, so I usually just have at it and before you know it, it’s done.

Updated again with a prettier UI.

Available on the Logik Portal or here: