RAW Sources Workflow

Working with BMRAW 6k footage. I got all my sources set to quarter or half resolution debayer before being reformatted to 4K DCI.
VFX work done.
Now I want to render finals at full res debayer.
How can I tell Flame to use full res debayer for rendering while keeping the timeline with a lower debayer setting?

Off the top of my head the simplest way is two output nodes, one rendering full res, one rendering your desired “proxy” res.

The next easiest way (arguably easier) is to have a timeline at your proxy res and just set “crop edges” in your timeline preferences and let flame do a soft resize at the point where you drop the shot into your cut.

The second one is basically what I and, I think, most of us do in commercials these days: render 4K or whatever and stick it in an HD timeline, or a 1:1, or a 9:16 and let your soft resize sort it out.


Thanks @kirk. I was expecting something more like a Resolve method where you can render at a higher debayer setting while using a lower one while working. But cool cool.

Understandable, but given that flame debayer settings are locked in at ingest and not at render, the best you’re ever going to get in terms of performance gains is playing back at some reduced resolution.

If resolve is rendering twice with two different debayer settings, then you’re paying that tax at the beginning, when it costs more, versus at the end, when it costs less.

Well in this case it is in Flame were I have to render twice. The reason I started looking for a Resolve like solution is because debayering to a lower resolution was giving me pixel artifacts, maybe due to the ACES nature of the project. The fix is to debayer at full res. Because the timeline is 4k, the Format Option Resize needs to go from 6K to 4K affecting the interactive performance in this particular configuration. So to regain that performance I can either live with the artifacts and change the debayer setting before final render or render the resize beforehand to then render again the final comp. This is fine for a small timeline, not ideal for long form.

I deal with RED footage daily and wish for an easier solution also.
Feel free to up vote my Flame Feedback request for this very issue :slight_smile:


  1. I’m pretty sure the resize in the format/clip options is CPU based, while the resize node and timeline fx is gpu based. So I never resize on import or in the clip properties and let the resize node get the shot into the needed resolution…better performance and prevents any clip resolution changes downstream when I change debayer.

  2. If I know I’ll be doing a lot of work to a shot, I usually cache that clip at full res/full debayer and downsize or whatever from there…just remove the debayer issue from the equation.

  3. Lately if it’s a longer form timeline without a lot of heavy fx, I’ll unlink from the footage and relink at full debayer. I’d rather not do this and find it a little nerve-wracking but no major issues so far.


Will try this. Seems to be the closest to the ideal.
Thanks so much everyone.

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