Rebel Moon

I watched Rebel Moon (or Rebel Moon, Pt1, PG-13 edition as it’ll become known) and while the whole movie is trash, I can’t get over one thing: the scale is wrong.

The movie’s premise is the same as The Seven Samurai: Small town has to defend against bandits by collecting a group of fighters. The movie gets half of this right: the town is small. The bandits however, are the galactic empire.

Like, imagine if Seven Samurai opened with Oda Nobunaga coming to town? Because that’s what happens: the second-in-command of the GALACTIC FLEET shows up in the imperial flagship to threaten a village that can’t have more than 200 residents.

Can you imagine living in a galaxy where you can travel from planet to planet quickly (on the UGLIEST ships, but i digress), where dozens of planets are inhabited, have their own alien races, cultures, etc, and the conquerors of said galaxy just fly around harassing small farming communities for food?

The scale is wrong.

The movie is trash for many other reasons, but it has me thinking about the stories I always wanted to write when I was younger, and how if I ever do get good at writing I should not write them because they have too many stupid ideas I thought were cool when I was fifteen. So that’s good, that revelation.


Thanks for the review was already luke warm on seeing it so prob will pass. Although I am slightly curious on the sudo Star Wars that it is said to be.

I think I now like Yojimbo more than The Seven Samurai.

I say write your stuff you never know. Maybe one short story to see how it goes.

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Rebel Moon was thoroughly ridiculous.
Saw a screening and the Kurosawa film was mentioned as inspiration.
Truly head-scratching.
Also, tho glad the director was having fun as DoP, perhaps he’d be better picking a lane.
Bunch of exposure/focus issues throughout.

Enjoyed blue eyed samurai much more.
Better use of time,/genre imho.

Andy D.
(West side chapter)

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Got fooled by the trailer… again. Was expecting to see something at least on par with Sucker Punch… but it was all a big load of CACA.

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Yeah, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d say “Sucker Punch was better” but here we are.


And not forget that the supremme commander of the empire that governs the universe, uses a terrible, lethal and frightening wooden stick.

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Oh, is Rebel Moon the 2020s version of Krull then?!!

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jesus take the wheel omg GIF by Denyse

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I haven’t watched part 2 yet, is it good?

Oh man, the 15 min mark on this one should be used as a benchmark for endurance.


Hahahaha! Amazing!

It’s incredibly good. I get through 20 mins a day so should be finished with it by Wed.

There are some pretty spaceship shots?

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You will be in great shape be end of the week