Remember the old way Flame used to navigate in Import/Export Image?

Using just a single click to drill into folders?

Hold alt/option while clicking and BAM. Found by accident, as most serendipitous things are… Could be common knowledge, but hey… I got excited & wanted to share.

edit: Changed the title from “clip” to “image”, since clip was how you accessed the VTR…


Interesting :thinking:

Woah. Simple yet so satisfying :hugs:
No more accidentally editing folder names.

I only just discovered the Hierarchy view the other day. How long has that been there?

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Good question! I’ve only just started playing with Hierarchy view once you mentioned it. Very cool.



Wow, thanks, that’s very handy! I’m always doubleclicking.

nice! didnt know that one. makes it faster for sure

For me the complete surprise has been the Hierarchy view mode. :open_mouth: :sweat_smile: Incredibly useful to not jump between two locations constantly.

I used to work with Hierarchy mode almost exclusively, but I found it got a bit cluttered and I was frequently having to Alt-Close all the folders then re-open the ones I needed. Now I only use it when I need to see all the files throughout a sequence of sub-folders. I didn’t know about the Alt-click instead of the double tap, and I’ve been trying to use it all day, but muscle memory is getting the better of me.

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