Remote connection issues

Anyone found an answer to getting Wacom pressure to work over RGS from a Mac or to Linux connection?

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No because HP states that it isn’t supported. Yes, Wacom Pens and Pen displays are supported, but not necessarily pen pressure sensitivity. You have to be Linux to Linux for Wacom pen pressure sensitivity. Either buy a Lenovo Thinkstation Tiny 330/340 and put Ubuntu on it, which works amazing, or, you could run VM Ware Fusion on Mac and install an Ubuntu virtual machine and that would likely work. Haven’t tried that myself but some studios are doing virtual machines on Mac and its likely for this reason.

It is an ungodly frustrating situation and I’ve spoken with HP product designers about it.

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I use an Intel NUC with Centos 7.2 or maybe .6. Practically fits in my pocket. I think it cost $300 USD. Pressure works great. (full disclosure, I have the same model of keyboard and Wacom at home that I have at work.) Just don’t try to call up your hotkey editor with Ctl-Alt-F8.


Does F8-Ctl-Alt work? Some of those hot keys need the f row keys clicked first.

Halfway through this year they came out with an update to RGS and now pressure works on my windows machine when I’m connected to my Linux Flame. So it looks like they’ve made a small advancement on that front—windows → Linux gets pressure and of course Linux → Linux gets pressure but not Mac → Linux which I know is a common one.

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We still use RGS 20.1.2 since all newer versions have a large variety of image and stability issues.