Windows, RGS, Paint

Has anyone ever gotten this working, pressure sensitivity in Paint from a windows computer to Flame Linux using RGS?
I just recently installed Ubuntu as a dual boot and it’s great to have pressure sensitivity again. But 2 steps forward, one step back. Now my Stream Deck becomes a paper weight.

I currently use my Windows machine at home as my main machine and remote into a Linux workstation at work and pressure sensitivity is indeed working. I can’t tell you all the specifics about WHY it works because I don’t know exactly what our IT sys admins did to make the magic happen, but it is possible!


Just to confirm you’re using HP RGS?

@KuleshovEffect posted this the following. I’m Linux to Linux so it’s not a thing for me.

I’m using HP ZCRB

Not true. Look at BitFocus Companion and see the StreamDeck videos on my YouTube channel.

Maybe I also need to update to current. Running
HP Remote Graphics Receiver

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No luck here. Might have to update the RGS.

Upgraded to the current version of Z Boost. I know have pressure on the wacom pen. Thanks.