Remote desktop question

Hi everyone

I’m often away from my workstation and use jump desktop to remote in. I do this on my macbookpro and it works well.

I’ve also tried this on my ipad using a mouse and keyboard which is lighter and more portable. It sort of works well but I can’t use the wacom tablet and the screen is a bit small and I can’t seem to get any audio.

My question is there a PC or whatever type tablet solution that will work with a wacom tablet and also allow me to hopefully hear the audio. What’s the goto bit of kit here or should I just stuck with my rather heavy mac book pro.

I saw a pic once of someone’s setup on a train which I reckon ticked the above boxes.

Many thanks

Just get the base model M1 mac book pro 14inch. And hook up a wacom to it. Tablet pressure on Jump Desktop only works on Mac anyways.

A tablet is not a complete replacement for a desktop.

I’m assuming your dream is to comp on the train commute…haha. I was finishing up an emergency shot on my laptop like 3 years ago tethered to my phone internet. I was trying to hide from the stewardess, while i rendered and was exporting as the plane was taxiing. Not fun.

But I got the shot out.

Aah yes I’ve been there. It’s when your client just won’t except you going on holiday.
I’ll stick with my macbool Pro for now then. I guess I just wanted to hear that there was a great PC tablet or something that would do the trick for a more light weight monitoring approach that would work well with jump and a wacom pen. Lucjily the commuting is very rare these days, Its more about being able to login in to my machine whilst sipping a beer from a bar on the beach. That’s the dream. Thank you for your advice.