Remove framestore locks after wiring without quitting?

Is this possible? It’s bedeviled us since the move to the Anniversary Edition. So…a while.

The issue: flame01 wires some some shots over from flame02. In the (now very) old UI, you had to select/deselect the other host in the Project tab or whatever it was called in 2011. After you’d pulled your stuff over, you’d deselect the other machine and you were both free and clear. Now even if you’ve both moved on to bigger and better things, a lock remains until you’ve quit Flame. If flame02 is still working and flame01 wants to run vic to see if it’s safe to reboot because that stupid checkerboard graphics bug is back and needs to be purged with righteous fire, flame01 has to ask flame02 to stop working and quit out. Which is dumb. Is there something I’m missing here? Is there a better/safer way to handle wiring data between machines? Project server is under active discussion but not an option until we forklift upgrade these z840s in a year or so. TIA!

Centralized S+W for the win here… and everthing related to Wire, Libraries, collaborative workflow.

This is becoming meme-worthy.