Rename source folder (footage not cached upon import)


would like to rename a “source” folder, and probably as well change the folder structure (where the footage was imported from). The footage was not chached upon importing it.

Is it ok to do that? And is the button “Update Source” made for that purpose?

Thank you!

The update Source button will search for a new version of the file itself.
You can conform it again with the new folder location. As you already had it conformed, this should go without any errors in one click, searching for filename and timecode.

Do you mean you want to rename the folder containing the footage out in the Finder/filesystem or whatever that you’ve imported uncached? If so, that will immediately break things inside Flame and you will have to relink/reconform/whatever.

If you rename your folder structure then you will break all the links.You will need to re-conform

You can use path translation in volume preference to reflect the the new pathway to the source folder root. After you change it create a new entry with old path and new path and nothing will break. I do this often and it works.


Thanks a lot for the help! Not sure if I understood correctly…

Do you mean something like that?

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Hi Joe,

That is correct….

Any paths that are matched to what you have written in the Source section will be automatically translated to the new path you have supplied.



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That’s the one!

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Wow it does really work :slight_smile: Is the fact that the footage stored in the old source folder is not deleted after pointing Flame to a new folder, a security measurement?




Nope. It’s designed to accommodate variable mount points and volumes and /Volumes vs /mnt and other tasty tidbits of shared storage and networking.

sounds that this is important stuff… Does that mean this footage/input folder should not be deleted
(e.g. with macOS Finder) even the Media Location Path Translation has be performed ?



I hoped that it’s ok do delete that folder in order to free up free up storage space and
not to loose the orientation in the storage structure…

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nah you can delete it. Delete it, keep it in the Mac trash, test it, if it dont work, put it back. :slight_smile:

That’s not that easy because after after formating the “old” Framestore and restoring the whole project with “Restore Archive" the source folder does not anymore exist :frowning: