Rendering times

Hello Hive,

I have been rendering some static supers on the timeline and my render times have been quick up until today. Now all of a sudden it is taking an extraordinary amount of time to execute a simple render. For example, a 3 second static legal is taking 3 minutes to render! Any thoughts on what may be causing this?

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No random keyframes.
The layer below is a long render but it is already rendered.

If I put a Hard Commit layer above my submaster layer, then the static supers render just fine and very quickly. So it’s something in that submaster layer. I usually have not hard committed the submaster layer so this is definitely a weird one.

No thoughts on what might be causing it exactly.

Sometimes I get hit with an estimated render time that far exceeds my expectations. A software reboot doesn’t take long and can sometimes trim that time back down to what I deem acceptable.

My other suggestion doesn’t explain the problem either, but if you want to speed up graphics, check to see if you can use mux freeze nodes to speed things along.

Anti aliasing in the text module? Anything else slow to render?

Also, see if anything else is slow to render to rule out disk issues. Media soft imported? A really really really big PSD file?

Are you rendering Frame based or layer based? And is the Submaster soft imported? Or a weird codec?

Hey Randy,

Nothing is soft imported and the render times were reasonable earlier in the day. Very strange situation that went away once I hard committed the submaster layer and then rendered the GFX above that. The submaster layer was fully rendered in the 1st place so the hard commit seemed redundant but it worked. Will try a reboot to see if that helps.

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Maybe it’s your project.
Do you have multiple Libraries with lots of content, all open?
Maybe your job has corruption somewhere.
Have you tried a new project and trying the same thing? My money is it will render fast again. (not a solution, but a workaround. classic flame moves)