Resize big image

Hi is there a way to crop a really big image to the size I need to work on and then bring it back to the original size by coming it over the original image without losing quality?
When I use resize with crop lock output and free and then use a inverse resize then comp it over the original then match it with the original the image shifts slightly and there is some filteration happening. Thanks in advance

Hey there Deepak. If I’m understanding your question correctly, then YES! Absolutely. I have a saved setup in my user bin that I use for many of the comps I work on that does exactly what you describe. I use a Resize/Crop node and an Action node. I’ll give you some pictures that demonstrate how it works. This is what the setup looks like:

I use the Resize/Crop node and set it to Crop mode

Then I use F1 view and drag the green bounding box to the region I would like to focus on.

I try to always use nice numbers in my X & Y position (even numbers, no decimal places)

In my user setup I have linked the X & Y position values to the subsequent action node using Copy Channel + Link Channel. This step isn’t necessary but it’s a great idea because it allows it to work for any setup without much effort.

And finally I just check the work using a Difference Matte with the result vs the source, set the Difference as a context, and if there is any difference I adjust the crop’s scale in increments of 0.1. I’ve found this to give me no resampling and a perfect match when you need to care about such things. I’m having trouble getting it to match perfectly with this huge still image here but that workflow works for me for all the video footage I use it on.


Hi @Jeff
Thanks for the great explanation.
I’ll try this.
Only one thing. Which version of flame are you using?
I don’t see the crop node in my batch FX nodes.
Is it a matchbox?

Thanks a lot​:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I’m on 2024.2, the node is called the Resize/Crop node and you can find it under R, but I believe this is an improvement in the 2024.1 release so if you don’t have that then you won’t see the Resize/Crop node behaving this way. You can achieve a similar result using the 2d transform node, you just won’t be able to use the bounding box with F1, you will just have to adjust the 2d transform parameters and change a few settings here and there to get it to work. If you need help getting the 2d transform to work, that’s what I used before 2024.1 so I can give you some details!

Ah ok
We are on 2024.0
The resize node works
Thanks a lot

Prior to 2024.1 when I had tested using the Resize node I found I could not get rid of some of its resampling no matter how hard I tried, but I was able to get it to be perfect using the 2d transform node, so if a perfect restore is what you’re looking for, I’d start there.

For versions older than 2023, here is the previous thread that discusses the pre-flame 2023 challenges with resizing and the workaround to get perfect filtering

Thanks @randy luckily I’m on 2024.

@Jeff I’ll try the 2d transform route tomorrow.
Thanks so much

Have a great rest of the day.

There are all sorts of problems with Resize/Crop prior to a version or so ago. Really good motivation to stay current with the software.