Send Flame to Maya, is it broken?

I don’t see the menus in action, is it broken? It also doesn’t work from Maya. Both on the same Mac, Maya 22.3 and Flame 22.2

Here it is working fine on our Mac’s in booth direction’s having the same version’s you mentioned. Since 2o22 this powerful connection is working again whereas on 2o21 it wasn’t. By the way since last time Backburner wasn’t working (no background proxies etc.) we uninstalled every earlier version’s of Maya and Flame and it seems being much more stable now but this can be just my objective feeling.

Thanks, Waldi! I will try on another system with only the latest versions installed to see if it resolves the issue.

Hi @LucJob,

The Flame (22.2) send to Maya (22.3) scenario should work.

If the issue persists on your end, please contact our Technical Support team to get assistance.


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I can only get it to work if the versions are EXACTLY the same. Also, it’s more reliable if the “send to” is initially established from Flame to Maya. Under these circumstances it works reliably in both directions.

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Yes, it works well on a fresh OS and Maya/Flame install! Magic!!!